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REVIEW: Dreamy Wig Stores [Etsy]

Hello! Just here to give a little review on an order from a UK Lolita wig store that's recently opened called Dreamy Wig Stores.

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In conclusion - 4/5
I would recommend Dreamy Wigs to another Lolita, as Kaori is very pleasant and professional, the wigs are great quality and the packaging issue is being resolved. I can't wait to wear these, both to meets and in everyday fashion!

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Ok, so this a bit of a feeler post.  I'm becoming increasingly addicted to sewing lolita clothes, I've been to one meet and have only wore one JSK so far, and I have made 4 skirts and 4 JSKs, and as soon as I've finished one, I'm buying fabric for the next!  This is a predicament!  I'm certainly no professional,there is the odd wonky stitch! I am enthusiastic and I like pretty things.  Anywho, do you think my work is good enough to offer commisions, pics are on my journal, so click on my name to feast your eyes. Its only JSKs on there at the moment. Please let me know what you think.


Marui One international shopping site


Marui is a series of Japanese department stores, most famous amongst the goths and lolitas for its Shinjuku store, Marui Young - which stocks several major Gothic/Lolita brand names, like Black Peace Now, h.NAOTO, Victorian Maiden, Emily Temple Cute etc.

It seems that Marui has an online shop, accepting international orders for a selection of the brands it stocks! So no need for a shopping service, or weird bank transfer payments - you can buy direct with a credit card or paypal and the shipping rates are reasonable!

(Their current Winter clearance is extremely tempting, that ALGONQUINS Cotton Twill Military Style Coat for less than £50??!!!)

Hm, must update the shopping guide ^o^
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**Moi-meme-Moitie photographs and coat review**

For christmas, I was lucky enough to receive the Moi-meme-Moitie polkadot coat that I had been wanting for a long time from my boyfriend, and I finally got around to writing a mini-review on it, just incase anybody was thinking of buying it for themselves.

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And also, my MmM Cathedral Print items arrived today, so I took a few photographs in them before I went off to do my errands this afternoon. (^_^)

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