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Shugborough meet POSTPONED

Hi everyone - just to let you know that due to the severe weather conditions, the meet at Shugborough Hall in Stafford has been postponed, and that - in all the Facebook discussion - we're looking to reschedule it for May, most likely the 4th or the 11th. Those of you that might not have been able to make it today, you might be able to make it this time 'round so I'll make a new post (and set up a new open event on FB) nearer the time. I'll keep you all posted!

La Belle Epoque Lolita meetup

I hope it's okay to post this here!
I am organising a meetup to the Peterborough museum to see the exhibition of Edwardian fashion they currently have.
Entry to the museum is free on non event days. The date is not set in stone, so please post on the event page with a date you would prefer to visit!
There are also some additional activities on particular days, so if you have a preference for an activity, let me know (the activities are listed on the event page).

Here is a link to the facebook event page:

Shugborough Loli Invasion (March 23rd, 2013)

Beautiful stately home, a nice museum and an amazing place for photos and picnicking (don't worry, there's also several restaurants/cafes on site). So, naturally, I think we should take over it and make it our headquarters! Hahahaha!!

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EDIT, 22/03/2013: Sadly, this meet has been cancelled due to the severe weather. We will be re-doing this at a later date, maybe May-time, please keep your eyes peeled! Many apologies :(

Fancy coming to Cadbury World?

Saturday, 28th April 2012. 10AM. Bournville train station.

Then, it began.

Brummies were shocked and tourists amused as the legend of Lolita descended over Cadbury World, mercilessly devouring chocolate and ruffling their butts. Their camera flashes struck like lightning. The ground rumbled as they stormed the park like a big frilly colourful tornado.

Or something like that. Hopefully. How about it? If we get 20 or more people attending, we'll all get a discount! If you can get to Birmingham New Street Rail Station easily, Bournville is a piece of cake to get to - it's a fifteen minute journey from there, and trains are every 10 minutes. http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ can help you plan your journey.

The Facebook event, where the main updates will be, is here:

To FB users: it should be a public event but if it isn't or the link doesn't work, drop me a PM or a comment, and I'll add you on Facebook so I can add you to the event.

If you're not on Facebook and don't want to sign up, don't panic - just PM me your e-mail and I'll keep you updated there instead. Closer to the time, I'll also need a phone number for you in case you're held up.

Questions? Fire away, and I hope you can make it :)

Birmingham Christmas Market Meet 2011

Hey, Lolis!

I'm planning a meet in Birmingham on the 10th December (reason for the date being is that 3rd is a bit short notice for those who like to get advance rates on train tickets or book time off work, and many folks including myself have plans on the 17th/18th).

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This sound cool to folks? Queries, comments? If there are any changes to the day's plans, I'll let you know soon as poss. x