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Gothic & Lolita Fashion in the UK

Gothic Lolita UK
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Gothic & Lolita Fashion in the UK!

★ Welcome to LoliGothUK ★

A community for lolitas living in or visiting the UK - exploring the wonders of gothic & lolita fashion, with a distinctly British accent!

This beautiful fashion started in Japan in the late 1980's. But arguably its lacey frilly roots lie in Victorian England - so wear it proudly! The style has many nuances from a Sweet Pink cupcake silhouette to the thread-hanging Punky Visual Kei ensemble. If you are interested in the Gothic & Lolita style of dressing and you are based in the UK or are planning a trip here, please drop in. Post about UK sales of clothes and accessories, any events in the British Isles, your favourite place to have afternoon tea, lovely photos of UK members and more!

We would like this place to grow as a UK-specific resource, so informative entries are highlighted and/or LJ tagged below - we hope that this will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for! You are most welcome to nominate posts if you feel the mods have missed something useful.

How to Buy Goth/Loli Fashion in the UK
(an almighty guide for UK lolitas on where to get their stuff!)

Reviews of Gothic & Lolita stores in/shipping to UK (clothes, accessories)
Goth/Lolita style items in mainstream UK stores (fashion and lifestyle)
Beauty tips! Hair, make-up, nails (techniques, UK stores and products)
Event meet ups in the UK (Large expos, trade shows and conventions)
Community activities (themed photoshoots, competitions, fun things for us)

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Please keep all topics of discussion on gothic & lolita fashion and lifestyle. You may also discuss gothic & lolita inspired products available in/to the UK.

Lolita is generally a cute, modest and elegant way of dressing, well known brands include "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" and "Metamorphose". If you are unsure what the lolita style is or if you are a newcomer to the fashion, then check out lolita_handbook for in-depth descriptions and advice on what is appropriate.

Gothic fashion in this community specifically refers to the Japanese Gothic style, which often crosses over into Lolita, and can incorporate punk elements. Well known brands in this style include "Black Peace Now" and "h.naoto".

You may also wish to visit the various brands' official sites via Avant Gauche's links, stores are marked as gothic, lolita, or both. Also check out her Galleries for lots of photos and scans from magazines, such as "Gothic & Lolita Bible".

Do not flame or bait other members. It's best to be polite and avoid giving criticisms unless they are asked for. If you constantly cause problems for members and make it a place where people feel uncomfortable posting, you will receive a warning.

When posting images on this community they should be placed under a cut. One teaser image is allowed outside the cut but it should be no larger than 300 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.

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Sale Posts

Users who have been banned from buying/selling on egl_comm_sales for scamming the community at large will be strictly prohibited from conducting any sales transactions in this community.

Sales of counterfeit/replica items are not allowed. For more information, please view this post: http://loligothuk.livejournal.com/1072000.html

Please place all content behind a livejournal-cut (view instructions here) or a link. Use one sentence which summarises the content. Example:

( For sale: Black/white jumperskirt, pink cutsew, both from XXX, click for more details )

All content should be related to lolita fashion. Clothing and accessories for sale should adhere more strictly to the lolita style and its sub-categories, not just be loli-inspired.

If you link to lists of items, only include those related to the fashion. For example, when using ebay, please link directly to the lolita auctions and not your whole seller page if you are selling other goods. Same applies to your selling journals.

Please do not spam the community with too frequent sales posts. loligothuk is not a fast moving community; keep sales posts of a similar nature to once a week.

We would like to draw your attention to eglfeedback. There is a comprehensive feedback system there for you to avoid any badly behaved buyers or sellers.

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If you do not adhere to the rules, post off-topic material or inappropriate sales items then you will be warned and your post may be deleted. If you continue to ignore warnings you will be removed from the community.

If you would like to report any posts that break the rules, please do so here:
Reporting errors, spam and other bad things

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Other Lolita Communities

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