Carrie (like_milk) wrote in loligothuk,

First Theme Announcement

LoligothUK would like to present it's first monthly theme: Rainy Days!

It's only lolitas in the UK that could pull off a theme like rainy days in the middle of summer! We are looking for people to post things in light of the current weather, rainy lolita. It's an excuse to run outside with an umbrella, try to lolify some welly boots, post artwork, photos which are new or old, lets fill this community with rainy day photos and make this unfortunate turn of weather a whole lot more fun!

sonia_leong provided this promo pic with her very appropriate BTSSB umbrella print skirt!

So lets get to it! Be sure to make a new topic with any post so it's not lost in replies to this comment. We look forward to seeing what you all have to offer.

This theme will run until the end of September, when we will make a summary which will be linked to from the profile page so we can enjoy the results for many months to come.
Tags: activities
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