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Lolita penpall

✿Lolita Penpall Application

Hello Lolita community, my name is Hafsa. I'm a fifteen year old living in the UK. I am searching for a Penpall who lives in Europe (who is 13-17).

I am passionate about art (I myself draw), poetry (I enjoy writing and appreciating poems), literature, kpop, jpop, vocaloid and anime. I prefer classic, military, gothic and sweet lolita (although I love all different types).

Unfortunately, I am a "new" lolita and am still learning about this particular style. I would love snail-mail and would certainly spoil you with prints of my latest art, doodles and copies of my poems. We needn't share any hobbies for i would just enjoy conversing with a penpall.

Please contact my email (hafsanafeesasaied@gmail.com) to ask for further information regarding being my penpall.


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