The Quirky Doll (thequirkydoll) wrote in loligothuk,
The Quirky Doll

New Indie Fashion Line!

Hello lovelies :)

(It’s my first time posting in here so let me know if this isn’t allowed or if I’m posting in the wrong place)

I’m an emerging fashion designer who has a fashion line, and brand of Lolita bows and hair accessories (In all different styles: elegant, gothic, sweet, etc.) I am now looking to expand the fashion line to Lolita Dresses. So I just wanted to share the link to my campaign and ask if you all wouldn't mind please, please taking a look.

Anyone who contributes will get some gorgeous stuff like custom-made Lolita accessories, or stunning couture hair bows or dresses, so please check it out! :D

Thank you so much! <3

Tags: loli-items

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