Toffee Hime (toffeehime) wrote in loligothuk,
Toffee Hime

New Mini-Comm for Northern England!!

Hello ^_^

Me and a friend of mine have made a new community on Facebook, as we find that there aren't many young lolitas in our comm (most are up to 10 years older than us), so we thought we could make a small mini-comm of younger lolitas, or people closer to our age who either wear lolita fashion or are hoping to wear it / are interested in it.

We're not sure what's going to happen, but for us age is quite a big issue, as we're both 13 years old.

We're based in the North-West of England, so if you're in that kind of area then feel free to join!! ^_^

[UPDATE 09/11/2015:]
Unfortunately the comm's been deleted due to concerns that it would attract the wrong people, what with confusion between the book and the fashion, etc... However there are other active comms for the north west ^^

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