New Indie Fashion Line!

Hello lovelies :)

(It’s my first time posting in here so let me know if this isn’t allowed or if I’m posting in the wrong place)

I’m an emerging fashion designer who has a fashion line, and brand of Lolita bows and hair accessories (In all different styles: elegant, gothic, sweet, etc.) I am now looking to expand the fashion line to Lolita Dresses. So I just wanted to share the link to my campaign and ask if you all wouldn't mind please, please taking a look.

Anyone who contributes will get some gorgeous stuff like custom-made Lolita accessories, or stunning couture hair bows or dresses, so please check it out! :D

Thank you so much! <3

New Mini-Comm for Northern England!!

Hello ^_^

Me and a friend of mine have made a new community on Facebook, as we find that there aren't many young lolitas in our comm (most are up to 10 years older than us), so we thought we could make a small mini-comm of younger lolitas, or people closer to our age who either wear lolita fashion or are hoping to wear it / are interested in it.

We're not sure what's going to happen, but for us age is quite a big issue, as we're both 13 years old.

We're based in the North-West of England, so if you're in that kind of area then feel free to join!! ^_^

[UPDATE 09/11/2015:]
Unfortunately the comm's been deleted due to concerns that it would attract the wrong people, what with confusion between the book and the fashion, etc... However there are other active comms for the north west ^^

Anyone still around? I'm a new lolita in North-East looking for loli friends and mentors!

Hi guys!
I was wondering if anyone on here was still active?
I'm recently getting into wearing lolita and hopefully going to be getting my very first pieces soon; I've followed the fashion for years though so feel like I have done my research ;) haha!
I was just looking to see if there was anyone else in the North-East/North-West area that wanted to meet up and chat and be lolita friends with me! :) I would love to have people to chat frills with and also mentor/guidance would be awesome!
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