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May 2015

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izzy_flew_away in loligothuk

Anyone still around? I'm a new lolita in North-East looking for loli friends and mentors!

Hi guys!
I was wondering if anyone on here was still active?
I'm recently getting into wearing lolita and hopefully going to be getting my very first pieces soon; I've followed the fashion for years though so feel like I have done my research ;) haha!
I was just looking to see if there was anyone else in the North-East/North-West area that wanted to meet up and chat and be lolita friends with me! :) I would love to have people to chat frills with and also mentor/guidance would be awesome!


Hello! Don't think many people are around, or actively around anyway. I think there might be a community for the NE or NW on Facebook? Sorry I'm not in that region, so can't be more helpful!
Hi there! I'm also just starting to explore lolita fashion too! It's so exciting waiting for the first pieces ^.^ I'm from the north-west of England and I'm looking for friends :D Feel free to message me if you want to ^.^
Oooo thats in the same area im in :DD feel free to message me since im trying to find new friends around here too x3

Can I has loli friends pwease? =^o//^//o^=

Hey! I'd love to have some loli friends, can't seem to find any though.. =^o//^//o^= , I stay up in Scotland and I have looked high and low for loli friends, but I just can't seem to find any ;//^//; , if you want to be friends or whatever, then just contact me here on live journal or on skype at kerianna.cotton if anyone has skype( I'm on skype far more often than live journal ). Bye my kawaii marshmallow puffs! =^o//w//o^=